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The studies are formal.
11-18 year olds spend an average of 2 hours 40 minutes a day on social networks, which is mostly harmful to their education. So why not use some of this time to help educate, cultivate and enrich our children's skills through a controlled environment, but tailored to their interests ?

The foundation and vision of Tootree

  Tootree is a research and development company specialized in the field of education and digital technologies. The initial idea of this human solidarity company was born in 2015. Then its founder was trying by all means to design an application that would improve the educational experience of one of his classmates with great difficulties at school. Indeed, she was shy and therefore could not declare her misunderstandings during lessons. Tootree, which today is a structured, scalable and agile educational programme, was only in its initial version a digital ecosystem whose objective was to accelerate the pedagogical and social integration of learners, an identity that we maintain and continue to improve over time.

Today, because of our comprehensive programme: we develop a pedagogical paradigm whose objective is to accompany the learner in all the main aspects of learning (learning to learn to be more effective). We also accompany parents and teachers in the evaluation and pedagogical monitoring of the skills provided to learners (measurement of learning indicators, effective continuity from school to home, remediation and coaching for learners in difficulty). We support schools and educational institutions in implementing digital strategies that maintain their academic identity.

  Our digital programme does not oppose online teaching (e-learning) to face-to-face schooling. On the contrary, it preserves the assets of both pedagogical paradigms to propose channels of understanding, measurement and communication that increase the learner’s confidence in the school environment and the educational actors.

What they think of Tootree

We trusted Tootree because the application allows us to develop the digital mind of our students. It was very easy to use and this digital tool was designed so that students could interact continuously with their teachers. The Madeleine-Daniélou School Group wanted to be a forerunner of this new technology which leads us towards the common vision of the student 4.0.
Madame N’CHO
Founder of the Groupe Scolaire Madeleine-Daniélou
Reverant Father Epiphane Kinhoun
Vice-rector of UCAC
Thanks to Tootree I could chat and also interact with my classmates. My parents also use Tootree and I am very happy to use the application. I highly recommend it.
BAMBA Sramy Rania
Game bài đổi thưởng
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