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However, you have noticed that the investment deadline has passed? Rest assured, you are not the only investor in this situation. Please call us on the following numbers so that we can give you further instructions:

•    Europe : +33752565659
•    Afrique : +237 651488733
•    WhatsApp : +237 651488733 OU +33 752 56 56 59

Vice-Rector Catholic University of Central Africa
Pére Epiphane Kinhoun

Why do we open our capital and need you?

By subscribing to the capital of SARL TOOTREE CAMEROUN, you participate in the collective achievement of the first vector of development that is education. Your participation is both social and progressive because, through this project, you will effectively contribute to the improvement of our educational system and all social strata.

To face the increasing demand of users (parents, children, schools, teachers) who request our various educational programs and our partnership with Orange Cameroon who is in charge of the communication and marketing of TOOTREE programs throughout the national territory. We open our capital to national and international shareholders.

The number of Internet users in Cameroon has reached 9,15 million people in 2021 a penetration rate of 34%, against 30% in 2020.   

Our commercial partner Orange Cameroon provides us with a customer database of 9,000,000 users  so we call on you to meet this demand.

Julienne Ngo Ndoum

Consultant in business strategy and project management.

Invites you to invest in the TOOTREE project.

Opening of capital to investors

Elodie, a student who is passionate about the project, decides to invest 150 000 FCFA (229 €) + 200 000 CFA issue premium. She will hold 10 shares in the company.

For a distribution rate of 15% on the net result.

In year 1: the IRR (rate of return) per share is estimated at FCFA 2 250 (€3.4).

So for 10 shares subscribed, Elodie will get back 22 500 FCFA, i.e. 15%.

In year 2: IRR per share evaluated at 3 689 CFA francs (5.63 €), Elodie will earn 36 890 CFA francs or 24%.

In year 3: IRR per share valued at 6 482 CFA francs (€9.8), Elodie will recover 64 820 francs or 43%.

Opening of the capital of the subsidiary TOOTREE CAMEROUN from 1st to 31st July 2021

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Need more information ?
CMR + 237 651 48 87 33 (whatsapp)
FR : + 33 7 52 56 56 59 (whatsapp)

How to invest?

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