Pedagogical Coaching

''Remedy the child's difficulties while enriching him/her with skills''.

Our Coaching and Learning Strategies

             Revision techniques                          

   Exam techniques          


Stress management

  Prepare and set objectives             

Obtain and work with an information


This educational coaching programme is designed to make the child autonomous in the search for solutions adapted to his/her learning difficulties. It is presented in 06 skills and meets 02 objectives:

1- Correct the shortcomings encountered during the learning cycle at school, through coaching and learning methods adapted to each profile.

2- Initiate and enrich the child’s computer skills through practical work methods and the use of digital environment


Rehearsal or refresher courses

Coaching & Learning

Guiding the student in finding the methods that lead to the solution. Teaching the student to reason, logic. Knowing how to pose a problem. Interrogative approach.

Acquired competences

Adopt the right reasoning. To gain in autonomy.

Initiation to the mastery of collaborative work tools

Coaching & Learning 

To guide the student in the choice of platforms and methods of collaborative work. Teach students to organize and execute tasks in teams. Encourage the notion of mutual aid between peers. How to use collaborative work tools.

 Acquired skills

Overcoming shyness. Empathy. Analytical skills.


Initiation to the mastery of internet tools and computer equipments

Coaching & Learning

Coaching the student in the mastery of internet tools and hardware. Setting up a programme of exercises and practical work allowing the student to master web environments and perfect the use of a computer keyboard.

Acquired skills

Internet network, search engine and settings, use of Emails


Initiation to the mastery of reporting tools (Word, Excel, PPT)

Coaching & Learning

Setting up a practical program.

Course summary sheet (Word). PowerPoint presentation.

Calculation and exploitation of data (Excel).


Skills Acquired

Mastery of Word, Excel, PPT tools


Initiation to the mastery of collaborative work tools

Coaching & Learning

Propose to the student environmental problems to be solved and presented in the form of a project. Teach the student to analyse a project. Structure a project solution. Present the solution.

Evaluate the need for financing

Skills acquired

Creativity. Leadership, initiative.


Creating a desire to read

Coaching & Learning

Offer the student a monthly reading programme. Establish a monthly reading programme with the learner. Minimum 1 book per month.

Skills acquired

Concentration. Rich vocabulary. Good memory.

The essential tools

After diagnosing the child’s difficulties through the educational follow-up program at school, we offer and install a remediation kit (01 computer, headset, webcam) at the parent’s home for integration into the remediation program. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment and the continuity of the program, the equipment must be covered by a guarantee required upon registration.

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Join the Tootree remedial school, if necessary we will provide you with advanced training in computer and digital tools to increase your income and mentor our children.

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