The parent
4.0 of Your Child

Tootree is designed to accompany the parents in the pedagogical follow-up of their child and to diagnose the difficulties of the child from school to home, in coordination with the teacher and the school.

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<b>The parent </b>
4.0 of Your Child



The Ecosystem is conceived to enable institutions to apply the skill-based approach program and for the teachers to capture and monitor the evolution of the level of understanding of the teachings within each class.

The pedagogical follow-up of the child at school

Monitoring, observing, analysing and sending bi-monthly reports to the parent on the child's learning difficulties and motivation at school, in order to anticipate and remedy the various risk factors that contribute to academic failure.

Pedagogical coaching enriches with skills

The school support program empowers students with computer skills, office automation tools, reading and discovering of future trades. The objective is to make the child autonomous in his learning.


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