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The TootreeSchool program is designed primarily to enable schools to capture and monitor the level of understanding of the lessons within each class. Over the years, our investigations and experiments in school, especially with students, have identified other basic problems that need attention to support the learning process of children in school. The issues we have addressed in our ecosystem solution are:

  • The speed of information within the school through the digitalisation of the school noticeboard.
  • Remediation targeted on the concepts that are most difficult in the classroom.
  • Facilitating social integration and encouraging mutual aid between learners in the classroom.
  • Structured and targeted sharing of educational resources within a classroom.
  • The interconnection of all the actors of the educational community around the child through mobile and web applications dedicated to each type of profile (the institution, the teacher, the parent and the learner).
  • A complete ecosystem that links data security, mobility, information control, cost control and scalability.

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Our Ecosystem Solutions for Schools

Manage your school's education.

An environment designed to accelerate the educational, the social integration of learners and capture their level of assimilation in each lesson. We have virtually reinvented school by connecting all the pedagogical agents and components necessary for learners’ learning.

Objectif : To measure and monitor the level of understanding of the curriculum in your school, so that you can develop objective action plans to increase the success rate of your students.



Tailor-made administrative management of your school.

Combine academic performance with good school management.

At TooTree we do not design your solution without you

Among the fundamental needs of schools at their creation, there is a need for administrative management software. Particularly school management, edition of the school report, etc..

The market offers a variety of software to meet this need. However, we note that the majority of schools often have many difficulties in using these solutions, in particular:

  • software that requires extensive computer skills and is not always ergonomic
  • installations that are often very expensive and require a maintenance budget.
  • It does not always offer the possibility of evolving according to the school’s needs, etc.


At Tootree we include the school in the development of its solution, the design of each module is validated and tested by the school before publication. We advise and prepare the school in its transformation process and its human resources needs, but above all according to the budget it has available step by step. The objective is to provide a software that meets its expectations and that will be fully adopted by its users. To reduce costs, we design a unique and flexible ecosystem for our schools that combines both the pedagogical and administrative management of the school.

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